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Latissimus Dorsi

How to do the exercise

Stand upright and reach out with both of your hands, keeping them held together. Bend your knees slightly and slowly lean forward. Now push your hands away from your body feeling the stretch under your arms and towards the armpits. This may be done seated. Hold this stretch for the prescribed time.


Frequency (per day) x 1

Duration (secs) x45

Notes associated with this video

The exercise videos can be easily followed and repeated as prescribed. Please remember the following when you are preforming your exercise:

  • Pain other than the region specified, should be a clear indication to stop and attempt to consult with your health care professional.
  • If you are unsure of any of the video content consult with your health care provider and request an in clinic demonstration.
  • The exercises in the videos are usually demonstrated on the right hand side. If the left side has been prescribed you will have to replicate the exercises for the left side.
  • The use of any equipment should be done safely and with care. It is your responsibility to ensure all bands are secured safely to avoid injury.


On behalf of Deborah Calleja.

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