Compare the stroke

Recently one of our coaches came across this photo of a C1 paddler. On the Gold Coast, we have seen a few C1 paddlers training out at the Coomera Lakes facilities. But for us ocean going paddlers, unless you are training on some still water or sprint designated lakes, you are not likely to see one of these any time soon.

The key is how similar the stroke is between the C1 and the outrigger canoe. But technique across various disciplines implements similar theory. Whether that is Outrigger canoe, Stand Up Paddle boarding, C1, Ski or kayak!

This is the Olympic class kneeling canoe – C1.. The paddle is longer than an
Outrigging paddle, making for higher hand positions and the leg positions are
opposite to the Outrigger Canoe.

Check out the set up.. Straight bottom arm fully extended for entry, loose
grip on the bottom hand, top hand poised for entry, torso rotated. This
means a clean entry to anchor the stroke on the catch.

And just remember, you are not using the body to pull water behind you. As the below image denotes, you are rotating forward for the set-up and using your core muscles to push the boat forward in a motion that is horizontal with the water.

Happy paddling!


OC stroke
K1 stroke