Matt on OC1 Huli Practice

Hi all it’s Matt here…

A Huli will come when you least expect it. Otherwise, you would correct the AMA lifting with a little hip check and keep on paddling!
Here’s a Huli that caught me as I was distracted with the OC6 coming up behind me. My own lack of concentration of course, but if you are in a race there will be many distractions around you.

Key is to recover quickly. Get the canoe upright, and back up and paddling ASAP. This was a non-AMA recovery, which is the quickest way. You will need to make sure you don’t flip the canoe as you re-mount.
Huli’s take practice. You should always be testing your limits in training. If you Huli a lot in training, you will find your limits, learn canoe control, and get plenty of practice recovering.

Happy Paddling!