As a Club Northcliffe Outriggers Is Very Active In Our Fundraising Efforts

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As part of our association with BMD Northcliffe SLSC we run a Monday night raffle at the surf club.


Bunnings BBQ’s is another major source of our fundraising efforts.

The annual Gold Coast Marathon is one opportunity for us to get a reward while we help out our fellow athletes of another type!

We also band together whenever we have Northcliffe crews heading to the Cook Islands for the Vaka Eiva Outrigger Canoeing Festival – we donate money and various items like shoes, sporting goods and school items to help the Raratonga school children.

Some of our greatest fun comes in Corporate Days. Our Corporate sponsors help us and we in turn help others. We find a good cause and donate some of the funds raised, or we put the funds towards programs to give children, youth and minority group adults a great experience out on the water.